Intelligence: January 26, 2002


: The US Army has already ordered the Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to serve brigade commanders. This will carry a single sensor (up to 99 pounds) and have a range of 50 kilometers or more. But attempts to miniaturize some other sensors to use on Shadow have proven too expensive, so the plan is to build a larger Extended Range Multi-Purpose UAV for division and corps commanders. This will have a payload of 200 pounds and a range of 200 kilometers. The Army has asked industry for proposals based on existing airframes in order to minimize cost and development time. The Army wants the ERMP UAV to be able to carry two sensors. One would be an electro-optical and infrared camera system. The other might be any of the following: synthetic aperture radar for moving target detection, communications and data relay, signals and electronic intelligence, signal and radar jammer, mine detector, chemical-biological agent detector, or laser designator.--Stephen V Cole




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