Intelligence: January 17, 2002


Lose Links Sink Ships- Consider that most troops now have email accounts. For the lads out in the field, they are unlikely to be able to use it. For sailors, who never lose their email access, the navy sets strict guidelines over what can be sent, and monitors scan outgoing email for key words. But a casual remark (that doesn't contain words the scanner with catch) about what the ship is doing will get folks back home innocently sending more email, and before you know it, the bad guys know something they shouldn't. Enemy cyberagents don't even have to rely on email. There are hundreds of support bulletin boards for the families of troops. An enemy agent can scam their way onto these, keep an eye on them, and pick up all sorts of useful information. It might not be the sort of thing that would attract a reporter, but there is deadly information there nonetheless. 




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