Attrition: What SEALs and Medics are Worth


July 19, 2006: The U.S. Navy has revised its re-enlistment bonuses, as it does periodically. These bonuses are used to keep people in jobs that are important, and hard to keep filled. Thus the new bonus structure gives the highest awards ($60,000) to SEALs, special operations medics, special operations technicians, medics assigned to marine force recon units, EOD (bomb disposal) technicians and jump (parachute) qualified technicians. The $60,000 is the max re-enlistment bonus, and that is usually given to people with the most time in the service. These are the most experienced, and the hardest to replace. All the jobs eligible for the top bonuses require people who meet high physical and mental standards, and have undergone years of training and field experience to get where they are. These people have also been deployed overseas a lot, which puts a lot of pressure on them, from their families, to take a civilian job. Guys at this point in their careers are young enough to start with a civilian company and make lots of money. While an appeal to their patriotism is often enough, a large re-enlistment bonus frequently persuades those who are vacillating.




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