Attrition: Israel Cracks Down On Female Draft Dodgers


June 14, 2006: Israel is the only nation that has mandatory conscription of women. However, married women, and those who claim to be religiously conservative ("observant") are exempt. Some 30 percent of eligible women take the religious exemption, and this has become something of a scandal. That's because it was found that many young female actors and models were claiming the religious out, not because they were "observant," but because two years of military service would interfere with their careers. And, until recently, no one was checking. Well, now someone is, and it's simply ruined the work and social schedules of many very attractive young ladies. It's also made for some great stories for the Israeli media. A new law will make it easier for the government to quickly revoke exemptions when it is found that the women in question lied about their religious habits.




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