Air Transportation Article Archive 2012


The Only World War II Aircraft Still In ServiceThe Chinese Il-76Giving Black Hawkski A Chance
Russia Revives Its FleetBits And PiecesUAVs Hauling Cargo Into The Future
Presenting The Il-476Chinese Air Force Gets Chinese C-130Mexican Politicians Love The C-130J
Troubled NH90 Makes It To The Big TimeChina Cannot Get Enough Mi-17sRussia Stays With Old Reliable
Reliable RoboChoppers Rule Afghanistan War And PeaceThe New Russian Twin-Turboprop
Replacing Russian Twin TurbopropsAn-26 Fades AwayBlack Hawk Infiltrates Qatar
An-70 Anointed AgainK-Max Gets A Hot Hookup Old Gold
C295 Does It AllUSAF Throws Contractors At The Angry ArmyRuslan Gets Respect And A Revival
Super Cougar For Central AsiaRAAF Gets The Outback SpecialEnd Of the Road For C-130Es
Those Clever Viking TradersC-130s Lead The AttackUSAF Forced To Go Retro
NH-90 Stumbles To SuccessThe State Department Air Force ExpandsPacifist C-130s For Indonesia
Kazakhstan Turns To The WestPoland Beats Russia At Its Own GameCH-53D Has Left The Building
Down In The DirtTwin Engine Turboprops ProliferateMV-22 Gets Better, But Not Cheaper
The Legend ContinuesThe Cure For Old AgeAn Afghan Solution For Lebanon
Casualties Of PeaceRussian Made, American UpgradeThe A400M Replacements



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