Sudan: Moslem Support Starts To Gag



March 28, 2008: The Arab League is under increasing pressure from Moslem organizations, to pressure Sudan to stop the atrocities in Darfur. The Arab League has defended Sudan to the world, accusing critics of being anti-Moslem. But many Moslems know better, and are appalled at the suffering of the Moslem victims of Sudan's ethnic cleansing program in Sudan.


March 27, 2008: Three vehicle drivers working for the UN's World Food Program (WFP) in Sudan have been killed in the last five days. Two were killed accompanying a convoy into South Sudan's Abeyi district. The other was killed in Darfur. The official statement attributed the murders to bandits.


March 25, 2008: The Sudanese military "rejected" a UN report that Sudanese soldiers had "looted and plundered" towns in West Darfur State. The UN report also accused the soldiers of gang rape. The charges follow a recent Sudanese offensive in West Darfur. Darfur rebel sources indicate three towns suffered the worst attacks during the offensive: Sirba, Sileia and Abu Suruj.


March 21, 2008: The Government of South Sudan (GOSS) has declared "war on corruption" before, and it has done so again. This time the GOSS intends to go after a problem that it just might lick: "ghost workers." The "ghost problem" is one that frequently crops up in Third World militaries. "Ghost soldiers" (troopers who do not exist) are listed on the rolls. Corrupt officers pocket the fake soldiers pay. South Sudan intends to rid the government of "ghost workers." A recent government statement pointed out that one government ministry had recently recovered $250,000 of "misdirected" salaries. That is a lot of money in South Sudan. This type of corruption hinders economic development; money that could be spent on roads and water wells is raked off by corrupt officials. If the GOSS makes headway on this problem it will have accomplished something.


March 20, 2008: Criticism of China over its Sudan policies continues. Though the situation in Tibet is in the news, Darfur is not far behind. Several NGOs have already suggested Western European nations boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics to protest China's support for Sudan. In response, China accuses western nations of failing to encourage Darfur rebel groups to reach a ceasefire agreement with the Sudan government.