Sudan: UN Agrees to Keep European Peacekeepers Out


November14, 2006: The UN intends to help pay for the African Union (AU) peacekeeping force in Sudan. The UN will give the AU $77 million dollars to maintain the AU force in Darfur. Of this, $55 million will go for new equipment and paying for a logistics and support unit, while $22 million will pay troops. The Sudanese government has agreed to support the UN funding of the AU. More money could follow. The nations that support a UN-led peacekeeping force in Darfur regard this as an interim solution—and not quite the "hybrid" force proposed on November 8.. The money will allow the AU to upgrade its force. However, it will take several months before the money produces any effects on the ground. Meantime, the war will continue.

November 12, 2006: A Janjaweed militia group, mounted on camels and horses, struck a half-dozen villages in near the West Darfur town of Sirba, then raided Sirba itself. Some 300 Janjaweed fighters took part in the raid on Sirba, and 32 people were killed in the raid. It appears that members of the Sudanese Army participated in the attack. The attackers burned houses and stole cattle. Stealing the cattle serves two purposes. Taking cattle leaves the villagers destitute (and force them to flee to refugee camps). The meat-on-the hoof also provides the Janjaweed raiders with a "mobile" food source.

November 9, 2006: The government of Sudan said that it was willing to begin "unconditional talks" with the NRF. The NRF is composed of rebel factions who rejected the May 5 peace agreement. The Sudan government, however, insists the May 5 peace agreement (the Abuja accord) must be the basis for any future ceasefire agreement.

November 8, 2006: Several members of the UN acknowledged that the Security Council is considering deploying a "hybrid" African Union peacekeeping force. One proposal involves UN control of logistical support and communications equipment.




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