Rwanda: November 28, 2004


Rwanda announced on November 27 that its military forces will continue to attack Rwandan rebel groups in the Congo if the Congolese government does not disarm the rebels. This statement follows a November 24 Rwandan threat to attack the FDLR (Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda) Hutu rebel group in the Congo. The FDLR command cadre has several key Hutu leaders who were involved in the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. Several sources reported in late October that Hutu rebels (including the FDLR) were working closely with a Congolese militia in the eastern Congo. Rwanda interpreted this move as preparation for renewed Hutu guerrilla attacks on Rwanda. The Rwandan government also scolded "the international community" (ie, the UN) for failing to help disarm and demobilize Rwandanrebel groups in the Congo. This follows a November 25 UN warning to Rwanda. The UN Security Council said Rwandan attacks into the Congo would "frustrate" UN peacekeeping efforts. On November 27, former FDLR commander Maj. Gen.Paul Rwarakabije urged the FDLR to surrender and seek peace. The trouble with the UN comes as Rwanda faces another diplomatic row with Uganda. On November 24 Uganda expelled a Rwandan diplomat Ugandan authorities claimed was aiding the PRA (Peoples Redemption Army), a Ugandan rebel organization that was bases inside the Congo. Rwanda retaliated by expelling a Ugandan diplomat.




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