Rwanda: January 1, 2002


The US has placed the Army for the Liberation of Rwanda (ALIR) on its list of "other terrorist groups. This group is composed of Hutus from the former Rwandan Army and the Interhamwe militia. --Stephen V Cole 

December 25, 2001; Just when it looked like the offensive was winding down, the Burundi government reports major military action in the Tenga forest. After several small-scale FNL counter-attacks, the Burundian Army launched a counter-counter-attack in Tenga, with action continuing December 23 and December 24. Though the exact locations of the camp sites the Burundian Army occupies remain unclear, the fighting seems to be in and around those positions. The army claims 515 FNL guerrillas dead, with army losses at 28. AFP quoted Burundi Army Major General Samuel Gahiro as saying "Tenga has been definitively liberated." That remains to be seen, but it does appear the offensive has produced several major successes for the government.


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