Rwanda: October 5, 2000


Burundian Army units and Hutu rebels in the Forces for National Liberation fought another battle in the Tenga-Kivoga area. There were no casualty reports. On October 3 the Hutu rebel Forces for Defense of Democracy (FDD) accused the Burundian government of "massacring" 70 Hutu civilians in the suburb of Kamenge. The FDD report alleged that the massacre occurred on September 28. On September 29, the Burundian Army claimed that a firefight occurred on the night of September 28 in the Bujumbura suburbs of Gasenyi and Kamenge. The government reported that five Hutu rebels and four government soldiers were killed. (This is the government's version of the FDD massacre claim.) Also on September 29, western press reports said Jean-Bosco Ndayikengurukiye of the FDD and Kabura Cossan of the Forces for National Liberation had both rejected the Nelson Mandela-brokered peace deal reached of August 28th.




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