Potential Hot Spots: The Central African Republic (CAR)


: Items About Areas That Could Break Out Into War

July 18, 2007: Over the last week, several soldiers from the CAR's National Army were killed in the north-eastern CAR near the town of Gordill (near the Chad border). The government insisted the attacks were carried out by "criminal elements." However, the criminals were "backed by foreign elements." The region is plagued by bandit attacks. The CAR began an "anti-rebel" operation in the region on June 26. Since June 26 at least 14 CAR soldiers have been killed. The government claims that 20 rebels have been killed. CAR is turning into a central African version of Somalia. No one is in charge, and it seems unlikely that anything will change any time soon.

In the northern part of the country, where the borders of Sudan (Darfur) and Chad meet, there is a refugee, and law & order crises. Too many refugees, and not enough law & order. Calls for peacekeepers have been ignored so far, as no one wants to send their troops into this remote, and lawless, region. As long as the mass media also has a hard time reaching the area, not much will be done.

July 3, 2007: The UN Security Council asked the CAR to open a new "dialog" with opposition groups in the country. A UN study group concluded that the security situation in the CAR (particularly in the northeast near Chad) has deteriorated since the beginning of 2007.


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