Potential Hot Spots: May 4, 2005


After only a few weeks of operations, the government has declared the Huthi Rebellion over. The government military presence in the north is likely to remain strong, however, as the rebels have most probably just dropped out of sight for a while. Moreover, all those central government troops -- mostly Sunni in an otherwise Shia region -- hanging about are not likely to please the local tribes, that are still very powerful in the north. A renewal of unrest is likely. Hostility between the conservative north and the more liberal south is nothing new. civil wars between the two were fought as recently as the 1980s and 1990s. The current violence has the northern tribes on the defensive. The terrorists in Yemen have not been particularly active or effective. One of the few terrorist attacks recently was an April 25  bomb attack directed against the Economics Ministry. Hand grenades were thrown, killing one person and wounding a few others.


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