Potential Hot Spots: October 3, 2003


The UN issued a statement that said the threat of mass starvation is once again very real in Zimbabwe. Food supplies in several rural districts are very low and the situation is "deteriorating." Based on its survey, the UN report said up to 5.5 million people in Zimbabwe will need some type of emergency food supply in early 2004. The Mugabe government's mismanaged economy and land "redistribution" program have magnified the food problem.

The government continues to use it's gangs of thugs to terrorize the population and attack opposition politicians and their followers. While the majority of Zimbabweans oppose the government, they have few weapons, or much access to weapons. This demonstrates how important support of another country is for forming organized resistance and getting civil wars started. Farther to the north, Libya supplied AK-47s and money to several rebel movements. In Angola, the US and South Africa backed UNITA. But no one is arming the opposition in Zimbabwe.


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