Potential Hot Spots: January 26, 2003


These reports are being denied by Mugabes government, but the smoke is getting pretty thick, suggesting that somewhere there could be a fire. At least two plans (or pipedreams) are circulating that promote new power-sharing arrangements in Zimbabwe. One has Mugabe resigning in favor of a national unity government. Senior leaders from Mugabes ZANU-PF and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) would form the new government which would rule for an unspecified transitional period. Is it likely? No, but Zimbabwes economic collapse is taking its toll on ZANU-PF. One wire service report said an immunity deal for Mugabe is also being considered, ie, immunity from prosecution for murder, theft, corruption, and the general destruction of the country. On January 14 AFP ran a story that Mugabe could enter exile in Malaysia. This was denied by Malaysian authorities. On the same day Mugabe said it was foolhardy for anyone to consider giving up power. His statement said the power-sharing reports were British agitprop (nightmares which are dreamt in Britain at Number 10 Downing Street was his phrase). (Austin Bay)

Bringing up exile for the dictator Mugabe was an admission by his generals that the country faced civil war if the current misrule was allowed to trash the economy any further.


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