Potential Hot Spots: January 4, 2003


: On December 27 Kenya elected a new president. Former President Daniel Arap Mois Kenya National African Union (KANU) party was resoundingly defeated (the candidate was Uhuru Kenyatta, but the issue was Mr. Moi). Mwai Kibaki won 62.2 percent of the vote. The victory was even bigger. Kibaki's National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) opposition alliance won 125 of the 210 elected parliamentary seats. On December 30 Kibaki was sworn in as president. Kibaki is Kenyas third president since Kenyas independence from the UK in 1963. Heres a telling line from Kibakis inaugural speech (courtesy AFP): "The era of anything goes is now gone forever. Government will no longer be run on the whim of individuals ... the authority of parliament and the independence of the judiciary will be restored." Give Kenya credit, and even some credit to the corrupt Mr. Moi. Kenya conducted an open election and power changed hands democratically. However, Kenyas governmental corruption is extensive and will take years to reform. (Austin Bay)


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