Indonesia: The War On Christianity


June 4, 2007: In West Java, Islamic terrorists have forcibly closed another Christian church. Typically, a mob of Islamic militants will invade a church, during services, and desecrate the place, drive the worshipers out, and attack any clergy, all the time shouting Islamic slogans. When the police investigate, none of the known Islamic militant groups will take credit for the attack. In the last three years, at least 30 Christian churches have been forced to close in West Java.

June 3, 2007: Pleading poverty, Indonesia has called on Japan, China and South Korea to help provide security for the Malacca Straits. This narrow sea lane carries much of the oil needed to sustain economic activity in Japan, China and South Korea. The narrow straits are vulnerable to terrorist attack (like sinking a large tanker, to block passage).

May 31, 2007: Partisan and gang violence continues in East Timor, making the capital a particularly dangerous place to be, especially whenever peacekeepers or police are not in the immediate area. Police are being accused of taking sides, and using their weapons, at some political rallies. There will be elections for the president and parliament in a month.

May 30, 2007: In East Java, villagers demonstrating over navy efforts to develop land, led to at least a dozen people getting shot by marines. The marines later claimed they had not aimed directly at the people, but too many witnesses saw what happened. The military has long owned large amounts of unused land, some of it claimed by locals. Attempts by local civilians to sort the matter out in the courts has not been successful. There's always been a lot of corruption in Indonesia, in the military and the courts.

May 27, 2007: East Timor Rebel Major Alfredo Reinado has now shown up on Indonesian television, in a recorded interview. Appearing in a clean military uniform, and looking quite confident, Reinado demanded that criminal charges against him be dropped. Australian troops believed they had Reinado on the run, but now it's possible that Reinado has escaped into Indonesian West Timor. Reinado support comes from the western part of East Timor, and friends there could have gotten him across the border. At the same time, a policeman was shot outside the capital, in an area Reinado was thought to be hiding. Reinados few remaining followers have guns.




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