Congo Brazzaville: Salute the Uniform


February 3, 2006: The wearing of military uniforms, and carrying of weapons,  by civilians or off-duty soldiers, has been banned. The plain green or camouflage shirts and pants have become common apparel since the civil war officially ended in 2003. But young men wearing uniforms believed they were entitled take what they wanted, without paying. Wearing these uniforms made people feel above the law. So the ban is meant to restore order. There has not been a lot of order in the country over the past few years, even though there is, officially, peace. 


January 27, 2006: The Pool region is still full of former Ninja rebels who have not disarmed, and have turned to banditry. The government has been unable to pacify the Pool, and as a result of bandit attacks, NGO aid organizations have been shutting down there operations in the area.



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