China: Ancient Strategy to Defeat Superior Weapons


February16, 2007: The 25th meeting of the IADC ( Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee) takes place this April 23-26. IADC is an international organization that coordinates the exchange of information, and space operations, as they relate manmade and natural "debris" in orbit around the earth. This years meeting is hosted by the China National Space Administration, and will be held at the China Academy of Space Technology in Beijing. All IADC members, except possibly China, are keenly interested in dealing with the 900 fragments recently put into orbit by China's recent anti-satellite weapon test.

February 15, 2007: China appears to be following an ancient Chinese strategy of trying to substitute superior combat forces with superior knowledge. By obtaining secret data on high tech American weapons, those missiles and electronic devices can be made to fail, or perform very poorly. This is a tricky strategy to carry out, but the extent of Chinese spying indicates that an attempt to gain a decisive military advantage this way, is being made.

February 13, 2007: China sponsored peace talks with North Korea have achieved an agreement. North Korea will close its nuclear reactor and shut down its nuclear weapons program, in return for billions of dollars worth of food and fuel. The exact size of the bribe is still being negotiated.

February 10, 2007: China has established a website allowing anyone to access a database containing names, photos and ID numbers of everyone in China who has a government ID card (in China, that means everyone.) This database was established to help prevent identity theft and fraud. Anyone can check to see if ID numbers, names and pictures match on anyone else.

February 8, 2007: In the far west, China executed a Moslem man, Ismail Semed, convicted in 2005 for "anti-China" activities. Semed was arrested in Pakistan and extradited to China in 2003. Samed is a Turk, belonging to the Uighur people, who used to be the majority in western China. But Han Chinese from the coast have been migrating to the far west for years, and Uighur protests have been labeled as Islamic terrorism.




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