Chad: Exiled Rebels Fume And Wait


September 18, 2010:  The latest peace deal with Sudan has worked, and the Chadian rebels have been expelled from Sudan. The main rebel organization, ANCD, has fled to Qatar in the Persian Gulf. There, the ANCD has become comatose. The rebellious tribesmen that comprise most of the organizations fighting force, are keeping quiet in Chad, or engaging in banditry. The border area with Sudan remains tense, because of the banditry. The Chadian government remains corrupt, and very much in charge. The oil money is being used to beef up the security forces, and pay off some of the hostile tribes in the area.

September 17, 2010: A joint Chad-Sudan military operation found the Chinese engineer that had been kidnapped in Chad last week. Gunmen from the Chad rebel Minnawi faction were responsible, but they fled, abandoning their Chinese captive, when they saw the troops closing in. The Chinese engineer was in good health and was returned to Chad. About a dozen foreigners have been kidnapped in the last two years. All were eventually released, usually without paying ransom.

September 16, 2010: China issued a warning to all its citizens in Chad to pay more attention to their security.

September 5, 2010:  A Chinese engineer, travelling to work on a rural water project in the north, was kidnapped by gunmen, who then fled across the border into Sudan (Darfur).

September 3, 2010:  A cholera epidemic, spreading from Nigeria, has killed at least 41 in Chad in the last week or so. At least 600 Chadians have been infected by this waterborne disease.



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