Chad: Imaginary Battles on an Imaginary Border


January 6, 2008: The government made a deal with Sudanese rebels (JEM), and launched a combined offensive against Chad rebels operating along the Sudan border. This involved support from Chad Air Force aircraft. Sudan protested, and accused Chad of launching attacks into Sudan, and bombing a town inside Sudan. No proof was offered, and Sudan was probably reacting to radio messages from Sudanese troops along the border who did not have a GPS receiver with them. Chad insisted it was on its own side of the border, but threatened to cross the border if Sudan did not stop providing sanctuary for the rebels. Three or four days of clashes produced about a hundred casualties, and the Chad rebels retreated into Sudan.

The 4,000 European Union peacekeepers have still not arrived, and are being delayed by difficulty in establishing adequate logistics. Supporting that many troops in the middle of nowhere (as far as transportation systems go) is more of a daunting task than the Europeans expected.




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