Chad: Chaos On The Border


January8, 2007: The continuing raids by Sudanese, government supported, Arab militias against black African villages in Chad, has created over 20,000 new refugees in the last few weeks. Sudan denies any responsibility, which means there is no one to complain to. Chad has several thousand soldiers patrolling the Sudan border, but there's plenty of empty space for the raiders to get lost in, and then reappear for another attack. There are now over 100,000 Chadians refugees, who have fled the Sudanese raids. Chad has called for foreign peacekeepers, but no one is willing to send troops to this semi-desert area, to chase elusive raiders back and forth across the border. Sudan has said that any foreign peacekeepers entering its territory would be considered invaders.

January 5, 2007: Three rebel groups (including the Rally of Democratic Forces, or RAFD) have agreed to quit fighting and support the government. Some 200 rebel fighters have joined the army. The rebels said they had received aid from Sudan.

January 3, 2007: A demonstration by wounded soldiers, and their families, in the capital, was violently dispersed by police, leaving at least one veteran dead. The demonstration was held in front of a hospital.




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