Forces: Hong Kong Garrison Grows


July 28, 2012: China is increasing the garrison it maintains in Hong Kong. In 1997, Hong Kong returned to Chinese control, after the 99 year lease Britain had on the territory was not renewed by China. Hong Kong was allowed to maintain some economic and administrative autonomy but the police and military garrison are under the control of China.

Until recently the Hong Kong garrison consisted of one infantry brigade (three light and one mechanized infantry battalions), one artillery battery, one engineer battalion, one reconnaissance company (which also acts as a quick reaction force), an intelligence battalion, an armor company, and some logistics units. The additions will include a Special Operations battalion, an air-defense battalion, a tank battalion, and another engineer battalion.

The garrison is there to defend the city against internal unrest, more than external threats. For the troops, it's a choice assignment, as Hong Kong is a cool place to live if you are young (as most of the troops are) and have a place to stay (China took over the old British barracks and built some new military compounds).






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