Infantry: The Sharpest Shooters Of Them All


December 16, 2009: This year, the 9th International Sniper Competition, was held at Ft. Benning, Georgia. The overall winner was a team from the U.S. Marine Corps Sniper School, Camp Pendleton, California. There were 35 teams (each consisting of a shooter and a spotter). Each service held preliminary competitions to determine which two-man teams would attend the international competition.

Other teams that won events at this year's competition were;

U.S. Army Delta Company, 2nd Battalion, Special Warfare Training Group,

U.S. Army Charlie Troop, 1st Battalion, 73rd Cav, 82nd Airborne,

U.S. Army Able Company, 2nd Battalion, 46th Infantry Regiment, 194th Armor Brigade,

Special Operations Command.

The marines and the U.S. Army Special Forces have long been proponents of sniper training. In the last eight years of combat, snipers have proved very useful, and sniper training has been expanded to the point where over ten percent of marines and soldiers receive it.





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