Infantry: This Kit Works, Really It Does


July 1, 2009: Britain has bought 10,000 sets of improved body armor for troops in Afghanistan. This includes the Mk7 helmet, which weighs less, fits more comfortably, and provides the same protection as earlier models. The Mk7 is similar to the U.S. ACH helmet. The Mk7 fits better and does not bounce around when the wearer is moving vigorously. There is also room for headphones (British infantry each have a radio). .

The new protective vest (Osprey Assault body armour) is, like new models of U.S. body armor, lighter, easier to wear and move around in. The Osprey also adds attachments for gear on the body armor. Each set (body armor and helmet) costs $2,500.

Previous body armor designs for British troops led to numerous complaints for being too bulky and too heavy.




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