Infantry: January 11, 2005


For $40 bucks a pair, combat troops can now have dry feet. A major source of injury among the infantry is, not bullets, but foot rot. Running around getting shot at for days, sleeping in your uniform, and a shortage of dry socks, leads to all manner of debilitating medical conditions having to do with feet that stay too damp for too long. Iraq is a pretty damp place, and the high temperatures just help injurious microbes flourish. Troops have found the solution in SealSkinz socks. Using a special membrane, the socks keep water from getting in, but let perspiration out. These socks are another item that was developed for the commercial market, but was then discovered by the troops. The SealSkinz socks are pretty rugged, and will last up to two years in regular use, less during combat operations. Commanders were so impressed with the socks that they bought them with government funds. U.S. Army Special Forces buys them for their troops, as have other units (like the 82nd Airborne Division and the 25th Infantry Division.) But many troops will buy them with their own money, such is the value of dry feet while under fire. 




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