Infantry: April 15, 2003


The Saga of the Odd Iraqi Helmets Continues (see pictures below). Some of these black, "Darth Vader" like helmets being found in the headquarters of the Saddam Fedayeen. This makes sense. The Fedayeen were not very well trained as soldiers. Their main job was to terrorize Iraqis who were reported as being of questionable loyalty to Saddam. Sheer terror was important, because there have always been a lot of guns in Iraq and Saddam maintained his power by not trying to take away the guns. No, Saddam just convinced everyone that opposing him would bring down Saddam's bullies, with lots more guns and hurt than anyone else in the country could muster. The Saddam Fedayeen were there to deliver a taste as needed. A hanging here, a beating there, cut out someone's tongue one day, beat someone up on another. Keep people scared. The black uniforms, the black helmets, and the black reputation all worked together.




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