Infantry: April 18, 2001


Barrett has released a new fifty-caliber rifle with the lowest cost to date. The Model-99 is a single-shot weapon based on a similar frame and barrel to the Model-95 bolt-action rifle and the Model-82A semi-automatic rifle. These weapons are used by the military as sniper, explosive disposal, and anti-material rifles (the Marines reportedly shot up Iraqi artillery pieces with Barretts in 1991); they are too big for police sniper missions. Some are used by extreme enthusiasts for target shooting, although few shooting ranges are rated for weapons this powerful. The Model-99 weighs in at 25 pounds (very light for a weapon of this caliber). It is 1300mm (50.4 inches) long overall, and has a barrel that is 840mm (33 inches) long. It uses the same muzzle brake as the other Barretts, a patented device that reduces recoil by 69%. Unlike other single-shot fifties, the bolt is not the "shell holder" type (in which the cartridge is slipped into clips on the face of the bolt). The Model-99 cocks when the bolt is opened. The pistol grip is the same as that on the M16. The barrel has eight-groove rifling with one twist in 15 inches. The Model-99 retails for $3000 for those who would like one for their collection. Expect to pay more than another thousand for an appropriate scope.--Stephen V Cole




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