Infantry: February 13, 2001


Pakistan is testing four prototypes of a new 40mm grenade launcher it has developed. This weapon fires 40mm X 53 high velocity grenades, including high explosive, high explosive dual purpose, armor piercing, and target practice types. The blowback operated weapon uses a muzzle brake to reduce recoil. The weapon has a cyclical rate of 250-275 rounds per minute. Two sizes of ammunition bins provide either 22 or 48 rounds. It has an effective range of 1500m against infantry and 500m against armor. The HE round has a fragmentation radius of 20m while the armor piercing round can penetrate 60mm of armor. The weapon is 1.193m long, 170mm high, and 457mm wide (including its tripod). The weapon weighs 46kg; the cradle and tripod add another 44kg.--Stephen V Cole




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