Attrition: U.S. Army Detective Shortage


December 1,2008: Despite the larger number of volunteers, and existing soldiers re-enlisting, the U.S. Army still has trouble getting many types of specialists. Recently, the army offered a $20,000 bonus for enlisted military police who qualify for and complete training to be special agents (detectives) for the CID (Criminal Investigative Command). These agents are Warrant Officers (same pay as officers, but no command responsibilities). You'd think there's be no shortage of volunteers for this CID school, but it's a tough course, and the work can be stressful as well. CID agents mainly investigate the same kind of crimes their civilian counterparts handle (murder, rape, theft, drugs, assault) but also some purely military matters (security violations, for example). To gain the bonus, the new CID agents also have to sign up for at least six years of service. Only active duty MPs are eligible for the bonus program.




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