Attrition: Number One With A Bullet


August 22,2008:  Despite the still intense fighting going on in Sri Lanka (as the army is poised to finally destroy the LTTE separatists), Pakistan has again become the most violent battleground in South Asia. Actually, things are a little more deadly just across the border in Afghanistan, which is technically part of another region (Central Asia). But the Islamic terror related violence in Afghanistan and Pakistan is very much related. In both countries, Islamic terrorists belonging to the Taliban (locals) and al Qaeda (mostly foreigners) have allied with wealthy heroin producers and wealthy supporters of Islamic radicalism (locally, and in the Persian Gulf). Between the two countries, about a thousand people a month are being killed by the Islamic violence. This region, basically a small portion of both nations, along their common border, is the main battle ground for the Islamic terrorists who are trying to seize control of both countries. The majorities in both nations oppose a religious dictatorship, and have the firepower to get their way. But the Islamic radicals believe they are on a mission from God, and often do not respond to reason or logic. So the war will go on until the Islamic radicals are largely destroyed.





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