Attrition: A Few More Good Women


April 27,2008: The U.S. Marine Corps is about six percent female, and the marines want more BAMs (broad ass marines). Female marines can serve in 62 percent of all jobs, being excluded only from those involving direct combat. Like all marines, the female marines are trained as infantry and expected to maintain those skills, and use them when needed. The army has more than twice the percentage of female troops, but that's largely because the marines have fewer non-combat jobs. Much of the combat support for the marines is supplied by the navy.

Like the army, the marines have noted that women perform as well, and often better, in their non-combat jobs than men. Moreover, the military is generally able to attract female recruits who are, on average, superior (in abilities and temperament) to male ones. Moreover, women have performed well when caught in combat situations, and several have received medals for valor and achievement in battle.

Noting that the other services have shifted more of their recruiting effort to women, the marines have done likewise. Existing female marines were consulted about why they joined, and what still attracts them to the Corps. This has resulted in a new ad campaign that emphasizes the opportunity to excel, and of belonging to an organization that will always watch your back.




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