Attrition: It Takes One To Recruit One


April 8,2008: The U.S. Army is expanding its use of recent combat veterans to assist recruiting. The new program offers recently returned troops 30 days of recruiting duty in their home town (with travel and living expenses covered). Those eligible include lower ranking troops (Staff Sergeants and below) and officers (Captain and below). Travel expenses will be paid for spouses. To be eligible, you must have returned from Iraq or Afghanistan in the last 7-12 months.

The army has found that its best recruiters are young troops who have been in combat. They know what is going on over there, and can relate to potential recruits of the same age. Most troops don't like recruiting duty. It's a high pressure job, and you often have to deal with civilians who have not a clue about what's really going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. But 30 days is manageable, or so the army hopes.




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