Attrition: Signing Bonuses for Truck Drivers


October 13, 2007: The U.S. Army has found that large signing bonuses are an effective way to attract specific recruits it needs. So the army has increased the bonuses for those new recruits. Any recruit who agrees to show up for basic training within 30 days of signing on, gets $5,000. But through the end of the year, recruits can get $20,000 for going to basic within 30 days of signing up. Additional bonuses, for a maximum total of $40,000, can also be obtained, depending on what job the recruit is signing on for. Truck drivers, for example, are now harder to recruit because this has become a combat job. Truck convoys are a major target for roadside bombs. So a recruit singing up for six years as a truck driver, and reporting within 30 days, gets the maximum signing bonus. The full bonus is not paid immediately. You get half when you complete basic training, and the rest when you complete your enlistment. Many young troops see this as good way to save money for school, a house or car after they leave the military.




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