Artillery: September 21, 2004


The U.S. Army, noting that veterans of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have a generally positive attitude towards their service, are asking these troops volunteer for two weeks of recruiting duty in their home towns. The S-RAP (Special Recruiter Assistance Program) allows any enlisted soldier currently serving in the United States to apply via a web page and email. They have to pass a screening process, and get the approval of their battalion commander for this TDY (Temporary Duty.) They can combine an S-RAP tour with vacation. The recruiters, in the area they want to serve, have to approve it as well. In the past, the army has found that young troops, coming home on leave, generally talk about their service in a positive way. This helps bring in more recruits. S-RAP is a more organized approach to that, giving recruiters (some of whom are also Iraq or Afghanistan vets) young soldiers who can tell their war stories, and pitch potential recruits at the same time. It also gives the S-RAP troops another two weeks at home, although they will be working a 40 hour week while they are there. They will perform their recruiting duties dressed in their desert pattern combat uniforms. 




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