Artillery: June 20, 2004


: Having an all volunteer force means that you have to pay attention to those things that really, really irritate the troops. While the U.S. Air Force is acknowledged to have the best living conditions of all the services, there are still overseas assignments that are very unpopular. One of these undesirable places is South Korea. Unlike the army, which has their people in Korea for only 13 months, the air force likes to keep personnel in one place longer (to increase team capabilities.) Thus there is a new program for airmen who volunteer to extend their tours of duty in South Korea. Airmen who volunteer to serve a 24-month unaccompanied or 36-month accompanied (by family members) tour before leaving their current duty station will be offered $300 per month while in South Korea. The same bonus will be available for those who choose to extend their time in South Korea after they get there. The extension program offers enlisted Airmen three options: $2,000 cash, 30 days of vacation time, or 15 days of vacation time and a plane ticket to the nearest port of entry. The in-place program pays round-trip plane fare for Airmen and family members to their stateside home. The air force believes that programs like this makes unpopular overseas assignments palatable enough to prevent disgruntled airmen from leaving the service. 




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