Armor: Spiders Swarm Singapore


September 23, 2011: Singapore has ordered several hundred more locally made Spider LSV (light strike vehicles). The Singapore armed forces already have fifty of these. Spider LSV is 1.6 ton, unarmored combat vehicle. Armament is either a 12.7mm machine-gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher or six Spike anti-tank guided missiles or a 120mm mortar. Secondary armament consists of one or two 7.62mm or 5.56mm machine-guns. The vehicle carries a crew of four, plus two passengers. Total payload capacity is 1.2 tons. Top speed on a paved road is 130 kilometers (75 miles) an hour while off road, top speed is 80 kilometers an hour. The 4.5 meter long, 4x4 vehicle is very agile. Six of the vehicles can fit in a C-130 and it is easily carried by medium helicopters (via a sling).





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