Armor: Military Mercedes Made In Algeria


February 26, 2015: In early January the Algerian Army received its first Mercedes Benz 4x4 G Class military vehicles made in Algeria. Most of the production of the new plant will be for civilian customers but up to 2,000 of the Class G vehicles will go to military and para-military (including police) units.

Algeria joins more than sixty other nations that have used the Class G military vehicles. First developed in the 1970s as a military vehicle, civilian versions soon appeared and were soon outselling the military models. Production of G Class military model is to continue at least until 2025.

Most Model Gs are used to carry personnel and supplies. Able to haul up to 1.5 tons, some Model Gs are also used as ambulances and there is an armored version (with a payload of only half a ton). The standard Model Gs weigh about 3.5 tons while the armored models come in at 4.5 tons.





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