Armor: Singapore Stryker Is Homemade


June 15, 2011: Singapore has formed its first mechanized infantry battalion equipped with locally made Terrex Infantry Combat vehicles (ICV). Two years ago, the army ordered 135 of these vehicles. The 25 ton Terrex is an 8x8 vehicle optimized for urban combat. That's because Singapore is basically a city state, on an island. The U.S. Army’s combat success with the Stryker ICV led to the development of Terrex and the two vehicles share many characteristics. The Stryker, in turn, is based on European designs that have evolved over decades.

Costing about $1.5 million each, the Terrex looks like the most recent Stryker model (with V shape hull). There is also a remote controlled turret. Terrex is 7 meters (22.96 feet) long, 2.7 meters (8.85 feet) wide, and 2.1 meters (6.88 feet) high. The vehicle carries two crew and 13 passengers (if no turret is installed, with a turret, only eight passengers can be carried). The turret can contain a 25 mm cannon, 7.62mm machine-gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

Armor protection is similar to Stryker. The tires are designed for run flat operation and have an air inflation system that allows the driver to control the amount of air in each tire. Top speed is 110 kilometers per hour with a range of 800 kilometers. The vehicle is amphibious, using water jets to achieve a top speed of 10 kilometers per hour in the water.

A Battlefield Management System (BMS) is installed, which gives the crew a view of what is going on outside the vehicle, in all directions. All crew and passengers are connected with an internal intercom and the BMS can exchange digital information with other vehicles. A Weapon Detection System (WDS) is provided to spot enemy fire. All information is displayed on colored screens for the vehicle commander (who sits behind the driver.

Terrex can be easily reconfigured to carry a 120mm mortar or a larger turret with a 105mm gun. The vehicle is air conditioned and uses filters to protect the crew from chemical or biological weapons, as well as nuclear fallout.





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