Air Transportation: MTA Chases C-130


September 23, 2010: Russia and India have agreed to jointly spend over $600 million to design, develop and build a new military transport aircraft. The new MTA (multi-role transport aircraft) would be similar to the four engine American C-130. The two engine MTA is expected to have a max weight of 65 tons and carry 15-20 tons. The two countries plan to buy 205 MTAs, and export as many as they can. The MTA, like the C-130J, will be built for inexpensive operation and easy maintenance.

The most common version of the C-130 still in service is the 70 ton C-130H. It has a range of 8,368 kilometers, a top speed of 601 kilometers per hour, and can carry up to 18 tons of cargo, 92 troops, or 64 paratroopers. The latest version, the 74 ton C-130J, has a top speed of 644 kilometers, 40 percent more range than the C-130H, and can carry 20 tons of cargo. The stretched C-130J-30 can carry more bulky cargo, and goes for about $100 million each.

The C-130 has been in service for over half a century, with over 2,300 built so far and has been in service with over 50 countries.




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