Israel: Killer Cash Curbed


November 19,2008: Persian Gulf states are sharply reducing their cash contributions to Hamas. This is a reaction to the inability of Hamas to control all the radical groups in Gaza, as well as the failure of peace talks with Israel. In addition, Israel has sorted out how Hamas was getting cash to its followers in the West Bank, and has disrupted that as well. The reduction, by as much as half, in cash from the Persian Gulf Arabs, has meant less money for Hamas followers in Gaza, and more displeasure with the radical organization. Once more, many Palestinians are questioning the wisdom of being at war with Israel all the time. The Israelis always seem to win, even if the Palestinians get in some hits from time to time.

In the last two weeks, Gaza based terrorists have fired nearly 180 mortar shells and rockets into Israel, putting the five month ceasefire in danger. No Israelis have been killed, but 17 Palestinian terrorists have died. Egypt, which brokered the six month ceasefire, has told Israel that  Hamas is still committed to the ceasefire, but cannot control all the terrorists in Gaza. Israel does not believe that, and now threatens to go after Hamas leaders if the attacks continue. The supply blockade continues as well, with Israel telling the UN and Europeans to turn their efforts to the Palestinians, in order to halt the terrorist violence against Israel. If the Gaza Palestinians get hungry, they can take out their anger at the local terrorists.

Counter-terror operations continue in the West Bank, where pro-Fatah Palestinians have helpful in tracking down pro-Hamas terrorists. Dozens of arrests a week are being made.

November 18, 2008: Three Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza. Israeli ground forces entered Gaza, along the coast in the north, in a search for terrorist bombs.

November 17, 2008: Two Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza.

November 16, 2008: Israeli aircraft spotted and fired on a Hamas mortar crew in Gaza, as the Palestinians were firing into Israel. The four man mortar crew was killed. Two Kassam rockets were fired from Gaza, and six Israeli civilians were wounded.

November 15, 2008: UN and European diplomats are furious at Israel for cutting off the movement of goods into Gaza. While the UN and Europeans demand that the Palestinians stop firing rockets and mortar shells out of Gaza, they consider Israel the bigger villain for trying to protect themselves by using economic pressure on the Palestinians.

November 14, 2008: Israeli Cyber War troops again hacked into the cell phone networks in Gaza, and sent a message offering  a $10,000 reward for anyone who could provide information that led to the rescue of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Hamas is demanding that 1,500 imprisoned Palestinian terrorists be released in exchange for Shalit. The Israelis believe that letting that many known terrorists loose will result in dozens of dead Israelis, and are trying to convince Hamas to accept a few hundred, less lethal, terrorists in exchange for Shalit (who has been held for two years now)

Hamas fired five 122mm factory made rockets at the Israeli town of Ashkelon. These 122mm BM-21 rockets weigh 150 pounds and are nine feet long. These have 45 pound warheads, and have a maximum range of 20 kilometers. Because they are unguided, they are only reliably effective if fired in salvos, or at large targets (like cities, or large military bases or industrial complexes.) Hamas has been getting these rockets from Iran, and they are smuggled in via the dozens of tunnels under the Gaza-Egyptian border. At the same time, about eight Kassam rockets were fired, and these injured several Israeli civilians.

November 13, 2008:  In response to the Palestinian ceasefire violations, Israel closed the Gaza crossings again. Most Palestinians in Gaza depend on charity (food and medical aid, mostly from Western countries) and cash (contributed largely by Gulf Arab nations, to pay the Fatah and Hamas employees, including the terrorists) to get by.  Palestinians in Gaza fired more rockets into Israel today.

November 12, 2008: A Kassam rocket was fired from Gaza, but it caused no damage or injuries. Israeli troops caught four Palestinians trying to plant a bomb along the Gaza border fence (as part of an ambush attempt against Israeli patrols). The four Palestinians tried to escape, but Israeli troops pursued them into Gaza. In response, Hamas fired mortars into Israel, and the fire was returned.

November 11, 2008: All was quiet in Gaza, with no rockets fired at Israel.





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