Colombia: October 25, 1999


Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey has noted that disturbing parallels between Kosovo and Colombia. He pointed out that Colombia has over a million internal refugees from the guerrilla insurgency, more than fled Kosovo during the crisis. McCaffrey cited reports showing that there are about 25,000 rebels, which the 240,000 police and military forces cannot eliminate. While the US is officially involved in the drug war in Colombia but NOT in the counter-insurgency war, McCaffrey noted that the drug industry is the principle financial support for the rebels, and that the rebels actively protect and defend drug operations.--Stephen V Cole

October 24; Millions of Colombians demonstrated for peace and an end to the 35 year civil war that has killed over 100,000 people and made refugees of many more. The peace talks between the government and the FARC began. The government has asked the international community for billions of dollars in contributions pay for his $7.5 billion, five year peace plan. Four bombs went off in Medellin and other cities, but no one was injured.




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