Weapons: September 5, 2005


Australian infantry have received a  new rifle sight that allows them to shoot at targets without exposing the head and upper torso. An Off-Axis Viewing Device (OAVD) is being handed out, with one going to each dozen infantrymen. OAVD is a small attachment that fits onto the existing issue scope mounted on the F88 Steyer 5.56mm rifle and provides a view of the target reflected at 50 degrees to the axis of the weapon's site. The shooter is able to locate and return fire around corners and over walls and other types of cover using the OAVD. 

The OAVD is light enough not to affect the F88s balance and handling and can be quickly detached or rotated out of the way when not in use. Unlike other around-the-corner systems built around cameras and requiring batteries the OAVD uses a low-tech approach with a series of mirrors to relay the rifle scope's sight picture to the shooter. The Australian government is beginning to market the device to other countries, with a number of armies expressing interest. Doug Mohney




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