Morale Article Archive 2013


Porn To Die ForVideo Games Threaten Eastern Civilization As We Knew ItSoldiers Turn To Foraging For Fast Food
Who Wants To Argue With SEALs Over This?Russia Continues To Suffer Cold War CasualtiesChina Buys Loyalty
The Royal Canadian Air Force Regains More Of Its PastAmputation PreventionWarships For Fun
The Suicidal Soldier MythThe Unforgiven Of TaiwanFinding The Best Tank Crew In Russia
The Invincible Islamic Warrior Continues Attacking In TexasGetting Laid For AllahThe War On Smut
If They Can't Fornicate They Can't FightWhy Nothing Works In AfghanistanThe Neo-Red Army Steps Out
Missile Men Lose Their MojoThe Distinguished Warfare Medal Is DemotedThe Price Of Fairness
Korean RouletteSay Goodbye To The BeltNo Booze In The Barracks For You Drunken Bastards
Giving Terrorists The Illusion Of SuccessWhy The Russian Army Is Fading AwayDistinguished Warfare Medal
Rehabilitating The Gulag In RussiaIgnoring The Danger ZoneChina Finds MREs Irresistible
Dragging The Red Army Out Of The 19th CenturyFor God And GoldChinese Enthusiasm for Area 52
When Bureaucrats Win The Pilots DieDealing With Soldiers Who Are Really, Really Hungry



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