Logistics Article Archive 2006


Coal Powered B-52sBillions for Dealing With Sand and Heat DamageThe KC-767 Saga Staggers On
South Korea Paying for U.S. TroopsFast Pit Stops For Helicopters How Winning Is Expensive
Cracking Down on Bad Blackhawk SparesThe Frugal With Fuel MovementThe Need For Speed and Why It's Ignored
Stealing For The EnemyGetting Water From Thin Air Sustaining Terrorism
The Secret Terrorist SUV Fleet Airport Commandos Cache Wars
Calculating the Impossible Dream Cutting the Cash Flow for Terrorists Do-It-Yourself in Iraq
Windmills as Weapons Air Freight Saves Lives North Korea Adopts the Dollar as Illegal Tender
Iran Halts Arms Shipments to HizbollahJP-8 For Israel Bureaucratic Shortcomings in Iraq
Brits Caught Short on Helicopter Spares Counterfeit Components Compromise Capabilities Britain Replaces Its Truck Fleet
Distance As a Weapon in Somalia Performance Based Logistics Rebels With a Payroll
Al Qaeda Sings the Cashflow Blues The Japanese Lifeline in the Indian Ocean The USAF Finds Oil in a Coal Field
The $7.4 Billion Annual Fuel Bill Sailors as Soldiers in the Sand Robotic Trucks
Trucks for the Afghan Army History Repeats Itself



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