Infantry: November 20, 1999


Parker-Hale (a British gun maker which recently reorganized) has unveiled a bolt-action new sniper rifle prototype. Known as the M98, it is chambered for 7.62mm NATO ammunition. The fluted barrel (which reduces heat, but most importantly looks cool) is 660mm (26 inches) long, plus a six-slot flash suppressor. The rounds are fed from a 10-round or 20-round magazine originally made for an M14 rifle. The M98 weighs 6.35kg and is 1.28m long. There are no iron sights; the customer may specify whatever optical sights are needed. --Stephen V Cole

November 20; Accuracy International of Britain has unveiled its new .50-cal (Browning 12.7mm) anti-materiel rifle known as the AW50F. The first production lot has been completed for unknown customers. The AW50F weighs 13.64kg; (30 pounds) the AW50FT (which uses some titanium) weighs only 12.73kg (28 pounds). The bolt action uses six locking lugs. The Picatinny rail can accept various telescopic sights; emergency iron sights can be fitted if desired. Ammunition is fed from a detachable 5-round box magazine. The heavy recoil is managed by a butt pad, an integral anti-recoil system, and a high efficiency muzzle brake. --Stephen V Cole




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