Electronic Weapons Article Archive 2007


The Need For SpeedChinese GPS KillersDutch Frigate Attacks Israel
Battlefield YouTube TestedConstant Hawk Versus Angel Fire DeathmatchSmiting Syria With Suter
Better Radar WarningPiercing the Fog of WarCombining Starlight and Heat
Big Prizes for New IdeasPeople Zapper Paralyzed By FearFour In One
Swiss F-18 Downs Aircraft Over New MexicoDeadly SilenceThailand Closes the Gap
Chinese Deploy Superior AvionicsBetter Killing With ElectricityFirst Squadron of Sharp Eyed F-18s in Service
Wearable IED JammersOff-The-Shelf Gear for UAVsIndia Covers Its Ocean
The HARM Sure ShotWhy AESA Attracts Chinese SpiesI Can Hear You, I Can See You, I Can Shoot You
Ray Gun RadioWi-Fied Airport Metal Detectors On The BattlefieldEA-6B Takes on al Qaeda
Lightweight Thermal Imagers Come Of AgeHand Signals Can Save Your LifeElectronic Charts Slow To Arrive
Singapore Gets New AWACSNew Generation IED Jammer ArrivesIt's The Software, Stupid
Wear This JammerPredator Kicks F-22 AssStarlight, Star Bright



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