Attrition: U.S. Army Recruiting Short Two Months In A Row


July 11, 2007: For the second time in the last two years, and the second month in a row, the U.S. Army missed its monthly recruiting goals. The army brought in 5,101 new recruits in May, seven percent short of what it expected. In June, the shortfall was 12 percent. Recruiters reported more cases of parents refusing to let their under-18 year old children sign up, and more parental resistance in general. Another problem is that army recruiting goals are higher this year because Congress has ordered an increase of active duty strength from 514,000 to 547,000. The army also has a growing problem with potential recruits being out of shape (overweight and unable to meet minimum physical standards) or lacking sufficient education (and being unable to pass the army screening tests for mental skills). Recruiters are spending more time working with overweight, but mentally qualified, recruits, to help them lose weight and get in shape.

However, the army still believes it can make its annual goal because it is about 2,000 recruits ahead with its fiscal year-to-date (which began last October) total. The other services are also making their recruiting numbers.




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