Armor: Armored Golf Carts Go To War


February 21, 2010: An Indian firm (Metaltech) has created what amounts to an armored golf cart for protecting facilities and chasing down terrorists. The ATAC (Anti-Terrorist Assault Cart) looks like an enclosed golf cart, and it is armored (in addition to some large bulletproof windows) to protect the two people inside from bullets and grenade fragments. ATAC has firing ports so the crew can shoot back. The $45,000 vehicle is battery powered, and can operate for six hours between recharges. Top speed for the half ton vehicle is 25 kilometers an hour and it is small enough to move around inside buildings and use most elevators.

Metaltech developed the vehicle in the wake of the November, 2008 terror attack in Mumbai, where terrorists went around shooting people and burning buildings. Police arrived without much protection from the assault rifles the terrorists were using. But long term, ATAC seems more likely to be purchased to defend high security facilities.





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