Armor: Brazil Buys Italian Big Time


December 24, 2009: Brazil is buying 2,044 Italian VBTP-MR 6x6 wheeled armored personnel carriers (APCs). Production will take place over 20 years, with assembly, and manufacture of many of the components, in Brazil. The VBTP-MR is an 18 ton, 7 meter (21 foot) long and 2.34 meter (7.3 foot) high vehicle that can carry 11 troops and be equipped with a turret. It is also amphibious, and designed to be modified for use in several different roles. Brazil plans to use most as APCs, but will convert some to serve as command vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, retrievers or ambulances. The vehicle can also be produced as an 8x8 version. The VBTP-MRs will cost about $1.8 million each.




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