Uganda: Trying To Get Paid


July 12, 2007: Parliamentary representatives and tribal leaders in the Acholi tribe (sometimes they are the same thing) have gathered a list of "crimes and atrocities" committed by the LRA and the Ugandan Army. The document will be presented at the Uganda-LRA peace talks in Juba, Sudan. It appears the Acholi tribe is demanding "compensation" from the Ugandan government for the crimes committed by both the LRA and the Ugandan Army. That means the Ugandan government pays for the war crimes of both sides. Many southern Ugandans will be suspicious of the claims. While the Acholi suffered from LRA atrocities, many Acholi also fought with the LRA. That noted, the Acholi need help. The Acholi and other northern tribes say that the "displaced person camps" the Ugandan government created to house refugees were also part of the Ugandan government's counter-insurgency strategy. Many tribespeople were forced to live in the camps. Paraphrasing Mao, the Ugandan government was trying to deny the LRA rebels the "sea" where the guerrilla "fish" swam. All of this noted, the crimes committed against the Acholi and other northern tribes deserve to be examined. Several Ugandan religious leaders advocate the establishment of a "reconciliation commission" �"possibly one similar to South Africa's reconciliation commission.

July 9, 2007: Uganda held a retirement ceremony for 200 soldiers. The retirements are part of a military restructuring program. Ugandan officers are allowed a maximum of 36 years service. However, some of the men retired had been in the service since 1962.




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